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  1. Are there more options for tables and chairs?

  2. Can event planners plan events using the Sales Tool?

  3. Can EventForte plan an event for me?

  4. Can I add new venues to the hotel directory?

  5. Can I change the color of the walls and/or carpets?

  6. Can I change the language?

  7. Can I delete any reviews?

  8. Can I delete events?

  9. Can I manage the reviews of my venue?

  10. Can I pause my paid plan?

  11. Can I preview how my portfolio appears to others?

  12. Can I put my own logos on the shared PDFs?

  13. Do I need to sign in to view portfolios?

  14. Do you have any trial subscriptions?

  15. Do you offer deals for non-profit organizations?

  16. How can I remove events from my portfolio?

  17. How do I access my billing statements?

  18. How do I add events to my portfolio?

  19. How do I become an EventForte brand ambassador for my university?

  20. How do I cancel my current subscription?

  21. How do I change the name on my account?

  22. How do I claim my venue?

  23. How do I edit my user profile?

  24. How do I get started?

  25. How do I reset my password?

  26. How do I share my event?

  27. How Do I Show My Portfolio To Others?

  28. How do I transfer my events from a personal account to an enterprise account?

  29. How do I upgrade my plan?

  30. How do I use the 3D functionality on the app?

  31. How do I verify my account?

  32. How quickly are event planners updated when I change any information for my venue?

  33. How will I know what my venue's page looks like to event planners?

  34. I accidentally chose the wrong events to keep after downgrading. What should I do?

  35. I am getting a message saying I can't add any more events. Why is this happening?

  36. I can't find my venue in the hotel directory, what can I do?

  37. I got an email saying an event was shared with me. What does that mean?

  38. I just logged in for the first time. Why is there information already for my venue entered in?

  39. I represent a venue, how do I claim my venue for free?

  40. I'm not an event planner, can I create a portfolio?

  41. If I update information about my venue, will that information be automatically changed on my Sales Tool?

  42. Is it possible to customize my Sales Tool?

  43. My 3D sharply dressed man is stuck in a chair. That doesn't seem very sharp of him now, does it?

  44. On the Function Space tab of the My Venue Page, what is the 3D View button?

  45. What can I get out of this as an event planner?

  46. What if I don't find my hotel in the venue repository?

  47. What is the Creative Showcase?

  48. What is the customary wait time after submitting a support ticket?

  49. What is the free plan?

  50. What is the Sales Tool?

  51. What types of payment methods do you accept?

  52. Which plan is right for me?

  53. Why are my events loading slowly?

  54. Why are some of my images blurry?

  55. Why can’t I edit this particular venue’s information?

  56. Why did I not get a free month's subscription after I invited a friend?

  57. Why do I get emails about my declined card?

  58. Why does it say my account is restricted when I log in?

  59. Why Should I Claim My Venue?

  60. Why was I logged out of my account?

  61. Will event planners be able to contact me through the Portfolio app?

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